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Vores farveltale til børnene på børnehjemmet

Udover vores festlige og sjove afskedsshow med banko og masser af præmier til børnene, havde vi også skrevet en tale til dem. Så søndagen før vi tog afsted, det gjorde vi om mandagen, afsluttede vi deres sædvanlige søndagsgudstjeneste med, at jeg holdt vores tale. Vi havde fået én til at oversætte, så alle forstod den.

Efter talen delte vi billeder ud til alle husene. Vi havde fået taget nogle billeder af os alle fire sammen og skrevet nogle søde ord til hver enkelt hus. Så de ikke glemmer os helt.

Her kommer talen på skrift:



Sunday October 7th 2018


This speech is from Sabrina and me.

We clearly remember when we arrived here at XXX. It was on February 17th in the morning. Hua Jo Jo picked us up at the airport and drew us through, for us, a very new and strange land. We sad there in the service bus. Sweaty and tired from the heat and our long travel. Suddenly the bus stopped and we walked out. Meeting us were all of you. Giving us flower necklaces and singing for us.

This is just one out of many memories, that we will carry in our hearts forever. Because staying here together with all of you, our second family, is something that now is a part of our lives, of being us.

You have invited us into your home, XXX, and this home is a very special home. XXX is a good home, but it is also a home, that most of you maybe wished you newer needed to have.

That’s a hard reality to live in, but you are doing it. And you are doing it so well, despite all hardships you are facing in your lives.

We wish for all of you to succeed with your personal dreams and goals. And you know what, we really believe you can!

But hey! We want to tell you a secret, or really is not a secret, because you know it already.

It is hard work. It is hard work to fulfill your dreams and goals. It is hard work for you, it is hard work for us. It is hard work for Steven Curry and for the president of the Philippines.

Nothing comes to you by itself. You have to work your but off and you have to make big sacrifices. It will take a lot of tears, sweat and blood.

It’s not for free to fulfill your dreams and goals, the price is you doing your best. Not tomorrow, not when you feel for it, not when the rain has stopped. Doing your best every single day, every single hour and every single minute. Do you best. Be your best.

Maybe you are now thinking: “It’s not possible for me” or “I’m not good enough” But now we tell you the truth: YES, IT IS and YES, YOU ARE!

Because this is not about being the best, it’s about being the best you can be. Being you, finding your own way.

Oh, my own way. How nice, it’s just waiting for me and nobody else. No, we are sorry to disappoint you. There is no way waiting for you. You have to create your own way and you know what? That kind of way, your own way, is made from hard work, a strong will and personal sacrifices. And yes, it will mean a lot of tears, sweat and blood.

That is the recipe for building a way like that, for building your own way.

You need to know, that being here at XXX, doing your choirs, creating friendships, learning about life and going to school, every day, that is building your own way. You are doing it already.

So, all of you – you, you and you – you are all building your own way and it consists of every single choice you make and every single decision you take. If you are doing your best, if you are taking responsibility of your life, you are already working hard to build your own way. And we respect that very much.

We know that it is not easy. It is so much easier to skip school, to sit in the back of the classroom and don’t pay attention. And it’s so much easier NOT to do your homework and NOT to study for the test.

But listen now. Doing the easy thing, is not doing the right thing. Making the easy choice today, it not making life easier tomorrow. Doing easy will only make the future harder and in the future, you don’t have the possibility to change the past. You only have now to do your best.

The day you stop doing your best, is the day you stop being you. And don’t ever stop being you – because you are, all of you – perfect just as you are.

We are grateful to have lived together with you and experienced your kindness and your way of life. We truly feel blessed to know each and one of you.

“So why are you leaving now?” you may be wondering. Before everything else, we will tell you this: We are not leaving because of you. We will have tears in our eyes and sorrow in our hearts, when we are leaving and that is because of you.

Because of all you have given to us, because of all we have learned from you and because we will miss you.

We will forever be grateful to all of you, for the kindness you have given to Aston and Noelia. It means the world to us.

We are very sure, that when we return home to Denmark and our old life, we will experience all the things we are used to, in a slightly new and different way.

And that is because of you and the impact you have had on our lives.

We are leaving because we also need to find and build our own way. Our way took us here and now it is leading us to something new.

When Sabrina got pregnant it changed our circumstances and our minds began to work with new thoughts. But it has not been an easy decision to take, to leave now. And that is really how life also is – making hard decisions.

Just like you, we also have to do our best. Coming here was our best and even though we made sacrifices and even though it sometimes has been hard being so far away from home, we don’t regret coming here for even one second.

We found our way and we found you. For that we are grateful.

Let us stand tall and let us stand together. Let us continue doing our very best in every aspect of our life.

Dear all of you – thank you for letting us in – and thank you for being you!

We are truly honored!

Thank you!


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  1. Kære alle fem

    Fantastisk på alle måder, er bare så rørt så rørt.
    Er på alle måder fuld af respekt, hvor fantastisk og berigende.


    Kærlig hilsen

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